Session 19

The party:

  • Konn, F1 (NtH)
  • Ploikal, MU4 (TM)


  • 611 SP
  • Two gems worth 110 SP each

XP: 831.

Casualties: None.


  • They decide to scope out Farmers’ Guild Hall.
  • Ploikal uses his crystal ball to see into the hall.
  • Discovers it is used by a mystery cult devoted to the harvest goddess Yiggub.
  • Offerings include silver, so they decide it is worth a try to break in and steal some valuables.
  • During the day, they observe the hall to check for alternative entrances and find one back entrance.
  • At night, they once again scry to ensure no ceremony is going on. They only see guards posted throughout the building.
  • They go through the town’s deserted streets to the hall at its western edge.
  • They cast a Wizard Lock on the front door.
  • Ploikal turns Konn invisible and summons a pair of Devil Apes.
  • Konn tries to open the back door, expecting it to be unlocked by Ploikal’s magic.
  • The noise alerts the guard inside.
  • Ploikal casts a Knock spell to open the door.
  • The Apes go inside and are blocked by the guard at the door.
  • Apes are killed.
  • They see a horde of skeletons approach from the fields.
  • The party attempts to sneak in but bumps against the guard.
  • More guards arrive.
  • The party heads upstairs.
  • Some guards chase them.
  • Guards upstairs are alerted as well.
  • Konn makes a lot of noise up the stairs.
  • Ploikal chaffs a potion of Mastery over Men, putting a charm on most of the guards on both ends of the stairs and ordering them to take everyone downstairs and into the main hall.
  • Meanwhile, skeletons have arrived at the door and begin to bash it in.
  • The lone guard desperately tries to bar it and asks for help from charmed colleagues, who grapple and drag him off.
  • Upstairs, the party begins breaking open chests and filling their pockets with coins.
  • Skeletons break down the door and stream in, begin attacking guards.
  • Upstairs, the party searches the rest of the rooms.
  • Downstairs, an epic fight between skeletons and guards develops, taking the lives of many and slowly moving into the main hall.
  • Upstairs, the party finds little of note, but Ploikal takes one curious-looking scroll from the library.
  • Downstairs, two remaining guards battle the remaining skeletons.
  • A single guard remains standing when all skeletons are defeated.
  • The party enters the hall try to mind-control the guard but fails.
  • Konn faces off against the guard, takes a nasty cut, but ultimately prevails.
  • They pry the gemstone eyes from the statue of Yiggub and leave like thieves into the night.

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