Session 22

The party: 

  • Ploikal, orange MU4 (TM)
  • Gorakal, orange T4 (JH)
  • Pholgon, purple F3 (MG)
  • Burak, purple rider & Nisa, orange rider
  • Aylin, orange non-combatant


  • 278 & 422 SP
  • 3 gems worth 90 SP each
  • 8 gems worth 100 SP each

XP: 5,190


  • Nisa (or Burak?), eaten by zombies


  • The party resupplies, hires some retainers, and heads for the Balok.
  • It takes them one and a half days to make their way there. The trip is uneventful.
  • Upon arrival around noon on day 2, Ploikal uses his crystal ball to scry into the lobby but sees nothing suspicious.
  • Gorakal scouts ahead, and the rest follow when the coast appears clear.
  • They quickly make their way to the stairs down to level 2.
  • In the large room with the neanderthal corpse, they kill a couple of giant rats and pull some coins and gems from the nest they were building.
  • Ploikal pulls on the magic boots they recently found, experiments, and discovers they allow him to move very, very fast without breaking a sweat at all.
  • They head down to level 2. In the first room, they see furniture has been piled up and decide to investigate while one person keeps watch at the door leading east.
  • They find some more coins and gems in the debris.
  • At the same time, a trio of albino neanderthal enter through the south doorway.
  • After a brief standoff where both sides try and fail to communicate, Ploikal magics two to sleep, and the third one is handily murdered by Pholgon and the two riders.
  • The remaining two a mercilessly killed in their sleep, and the three bodies are piled up to blockade the south doorway.
  • They head east, then south, and find themselves in a room with boars foraging among debris.
  • The pigs ignore them, and the party ignores the pigs.
  • They head east again and cross the room with the shallow pool, continuing east.
  • The next room is large, mostly empty, but with stairs leading down.
  • From down below, they can hear ominous shuffling sounds.
  • They gingerly head down.
  • The room they enter is large and filled with nine zombies. A large window in the north wall provides a view of a massive maelstrom of churning energy. Large statues of misshapen human guardians flank archways leading west, east, and south.
  • The zombies attack. Gorakal is nearly eaten, but Ploikal downs a potion of undead mastery and turns four zombies against the rest.
  • Still, defeating the remainder takes some doing. One of the riders is killed. Morale holds, luckily, and finally, the undead are defeated.
  • The expedition nears its end, but the party cannot resist inspecting one more room.
  • They peer into a large space to the east with another window opening onto the maelstrom. Latticed stonework domes holding statues are spread throughout. Most disturbingly, sighing and wheezing corpses dressed in tattered monk-like robes move throughout the space, occasionally stopping at a dome to perform some kind of ritual or ceremony.
  • The party sends the zombies into the room to attack the undead monks. They are destroyed without much trouble by those monks.
  • Concerned and disturbed, the party exits the dungeon and heads back home without any trouble.
  • They arrive back in Batbeng around noon on day 4.
  • To celebrate another successful expedition, Ploikal, Pholgon, and Gorakal go on a tremendous bender, paying for their excesses with a variety of unliquidated treasure, including silver goggles, golden star maps, a silver torque, a golden medallion, and surgical tools.

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